Supporting and Understanding Your Business

At Express Logistics Service, we offer solutions to fit the needs of small and medium sized customers and, with our reputation for excellence in customer service, you can always trust we'll be the perfect partner for your business.
Why are Express Logistics Service and Small Businesses Such a Perfect Match?
We support small business growth by making it easy to do business with us.

Whether one of your machines urgently needs a spare part or a customer is expecting one of your products, Express Logistics Service helps you choose the right service, takes care of customs handling and offers full visibility on the status of your shipments at all times.

What Makes Express Logistics Service a Reliable Partner?

Express Logistics Service invented the air express business in 1969 and today has an extensive network across the world. This means we have the experience to deliver excellence for your business every day. And we have the facts to prove it!


International trade is a complex process, but also an exciting business opportunity. Express Logistics Service can help not only with global customs requirements and trade terminology but also with local import and export support and resources.

Basics - Learning the Incoterms® Language

Incoterms® - an acronym for International Commercial Terms – are managed by the International Chamber of Commerce. They are recognized and accepted as the standard for international trading and are regularly updated as commercial conditions change.

Familiarity with Incoterms® will ensure you purchase goods from manufacturers abroad in accordance with applicable regulations, documentation and procedures.


Express Logistics Service Express has been a global expert in international trade for well over 40 years and now processes several million customs entries every day. As one of the world's largest customs brokers, we use local expertise to understand diverse customs regulations.

That's why, with Express Logistics Service as a partner for your small business, its in-house experts are well positioned to help you navigate the complexities of customs compliance and all of the related terminology and guidelines. Understanding the processes and terminology involved will help you enter markets and build a long-term foundation for successful international trade.