Our Prices for Customers

Our services cost for the online purchases is 8% off the total purchase cost*, but not more than $25 (20 Euro in the European system) and not more than $150 (150 Euro in the European system) off every lot or order** if its total amount does not exceed $3000.00. Our commission is 5% if the total purchase cost exceeds $3000.00 (3000.00 Euro in European system).

For example, the cost of the goods is $300 and the shipping fee within the USA is $20. In this case, our commission is $25.60, i.e. 8% off $320. Shipping to Russia will cost $50. The total order cost will constitute $395.60 ($300 plus $20, plus $25.60, plus $50).

Thus, the total cost of the order includes total cost of the purchase (cost of the goods and its shipping within the USA), our commission fee (10% off the total purchase cost) and the shipping fee from the USA to you.

* The payment is the amount that was transferred to us by the Buyer for its further transfer to our Seller Client. If the payment for the goods was effected by cheque or money order sent to our bank account, we receive the amount that is stated in the payment form, i.e. the cashing procedure for the cheque or money order is FREE. If the payment was effected via payment system PayPal, the commission will include the following: 1.9%, which is PayPal commission plus $0.30 (it is a special discount tariff for our Company) will be deducted by PayPal from every payment BEFORE it was credited to our account. Thus, our 5% commission fee will be deducted from the amount that was credited to our account, i.e. after PayPal has deducted its own commission.

** There is no minimum commission fee in the Express Logistics Service Service system. In the European service system though, the minimum commission fee is 1 Euro.

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